Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Anna Kate loves to work on letters and numbers, coloring and cutting, shapes and some scribbling at home.
 Hudson has homework 3 nights a week. It's normally 2 math sheets and reading a book. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fifteen Months

William is such a joy!

 He has all 4 of us wrapped around his finger. He simply points & grunts and is probably too often getting what he wants.

He loves being a "big helper" unloading the dish washer. As soon as I open the dish washer, he's crawling into it and handing me things from it or simply throwing them all down.
William decided to take a couple small steps this week now that he's 15 months old.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Seven of us traveled from our church to Masachapa, Nicaragua for a missions conference. Trent spoke to the missionaries while the rest of us put on a kids program for the missionary kids.
 It was Hudson & Anna Kate's first time out of the country. Anna Kate was apprehensive.
But she loved playing Uno and other games on the plane with Ms. Kristin & Mom.
The conference was at the Vista Mar resort.

Hudson's first glance at the Pacific Ocean (it was easy to see on the other side of the pool). The kids commented how different it was from "our beach" with bigger waves & darker sand.

The older of the non-teenage kids (6-11 year olds) displaying their banners they made.

 We had a "Fruit of the Spirit" party weekend for the kids. We had about 20 kids 11 and under and had a blast!
 We had free time in the afternoons and hung out in the pool with several others, complete with cannonballs (Anna Kate's first!), flips, water volleyball, and underwater tea parties.

Anna Kate started swimming! She jumped off the side of the pool, under water and would swim to the side. And do it again and again. :)

 Since we don't have a tv, this is a real treat. They loved watching in Spanish.
 horses on the beach

 one of the kids showing the small octopus he found